Did you know you can help your local economy just by banking local?

Help the community grow with The State Bank!

    1. Get the same services at lower cost: We offer the same big bank services at a much lower cost. We also offer better interest rates on savings and better terms on credit cards and other loans.
    2. Put your money to work – growing your local economy: Some small businesses depend heavily on us for financing. Big banks allocate relatively little of their resources to small businesses.
    3. Keep decision-making local: At The State Bank, loan approvals and other key decisions are made locally by people who live in the community, have face-to-face relationships with our customers and understand local needs. Because of this personal knowledge, local financial institutions are often able to approve small business and other loans that big banks would reject.
    4. Back institutions that share a commitment to the community: We want the best for our community, which is exactly why we involve ourselves.
    5. Support productive investment, not gambling: At The State Bank, we turn deposits into loans and other productive investments. Meanwhile, big banks devote a sizable share of their resources to speculative trading and other Wall Street bets that may generate big profits for the bank but provide little economic or social value for the rest of the community.