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In naming a Personal Representative (P.R.) to settle your estate, you may name a relative or friend in whom you have a great deal of confidence. While this may be deemed a sign of honor or respect, being the Personal Representative of an estate is a role that few individuals are qualified to fulfill. The estate settlement process can be complicated, time-consuming, and may involve the disposition of numerous types of assets.

The selection of a Corporate Fiduciary to settle your estate is a very prudent decision. A Corporate Fiduciary is experienced in the estate settlement process; has the knowledge to handle complicated business transactions; is not predisposed to favor one party over the other; and will handle the estate settlement process with the necessary care and compassion. Consider the services provided by having your estate settled by The State Bank:

  • Collect and value the assets in your estate.
  • Locate all beneficiaries.
  • Work with your CPA and/or estate planning attorney for proper filing of estate-tax return information.
  • Dispose of any required business interests and real estate.
  • Pay out all bequests.
  • Create any trusts required by the document.
  • Complete the estate settlement process in a timely manner and without unnecessary fees.

We understand this may be a difficult time for family members. At The State Bank, you can be assured that we have the resources and the experience to properly handle your financial affairs. Please contact our Trust team for more information.




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