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What is known as The State Bank first opened its doors in Fenton, Michigan in 1898. At that time, Fenton was a small community of men and women who settled in the area to raise their families, farm the land and work in the local lumber industry. Railroads connected citizens with Lansing, the state capital, and the small trading town of Detroit to the south.

In 1898, H.B. Latourette, a long-time banker in the area, and four other prominent citizens organized the Commercial Savings Bank of Fenton. Latourette and his partners found themselves serving the needs of their neighbors and friends, thereby establishing a foundation of trust with their customers, a relationship that still exists today.

In 1988, some nine decades after Latourette and his partners opened for business, Fentura Financial, Inc., a Bank holding company, was created and changed the name of the bank to The State Bank. We now also serve the communities of Holly, Linden, Grand Blanc and Brighton with community offices and ATMs to make banking more convenient for our customers.

Our employees are dedicated to maintaining a level of professionalism and commitment to quality that is reminiscent of the foundation upon which our bank was conceived over 100 years ago.

This is our heritage. This is how we will grow. We are surrounded by our customers, our neighbors and friends, who trust us with their finances. It is this trust we honor, and are committed to strengthening. It is the standard that has carried The State Bank through over 100 years, and one we carry proudly into the new millennium.

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