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6 Celebrity Money Mistakes
Date Posted: April, 2015
To many people, the concept of money is difficult to grasp, especially when your paycheck is in the millions.

Winners of the Perks + Contest
Date Posted: April, 2015
If you used our Mobile Perks+ App during February 1st - March 17th you were entered in our Perks+ contest! Check here to see our winners!

The State Bank celebrates 25 years of 'trust'
Date Posted: April, 2015
?The bank is celebrating this milestone 25th year with a birthday party every Friday throughout the month of April at each State Bank location in Fenton, Linden, Holly and Grand Blanc.

Strategic Charitable Giving
Date Posted: March, 2015
We (America) have the highest percentage of giving of any nation in the world, as measured by percentage of the economy and by total dollars.

Job Hunting Tips
Date Posted: March, 2015
Navigate the job hunt with these tips for resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking.

The Home Office Deduction
Date Posted: March, 2015
As a business owner whose home doubles as your office, you experience first-hand some of the conveniences that come from working under your own roof, such as avoiding the morning commute, saving money on office rental and building your own work hours.

Top Small Business Tax Deductions
Date Posted: March, 2015
You may be able to deduct many of the costs involved with running a business.

The State Bank continues to be
Date Posted: March, 2015
Founded in 1898, The State Bank continues its 117-year-old tradition of being an independent community bank.

Exclusive Offer: TSB Perks
Date Posted: March, 2015
Because we value YOU as a customer

After Christmas Financial Slump?
Date Posted: February, 2015
Let us help you plan ahead for Christmas 2015

Over $17,434 Raised!
Date Posted: February, 2015
Together we have spread love to our community!

Estate Planning for Newlyweds
Date Posted: February, 2015
While creating a will is a great step in estate planning, it cannot help you avoid probate.

Job Hunting Tips for Women
Date Posted: February, 2015

Estate Planning for New Parents
Date Posted: February, 2015
Determining who will care for your child in the event of your death, and arranging for his or her inheritance of your property is an important step.

9 Ways to Save for Your Children's Future
Date Posted: January, 2015
To help your children get a financial head start, it’s important to have an education savings plan. Here are 9 great steps to help you get your children's education savings plan started.

8 Steps to Buying a House
Date Posted: January, 2015
Buying a house is probably a completely different experience from any other purchase you have made before. Make sure you follow these 8 steps to make your home buying an easy process.

Change for Kids Charity Wrap Up!
Date Posted: January, 2015
Our Change for Kids charity helps support low and moderate income kids in our local districts. See how our 2014 fundraising efforts wrapped up!

Community Corner!
Date Posted: January, 2015
The holidays are almost upon us - find out what's happening in your neighborhood this holiday season!

Meet a Banker!
Date Posted: January, 2015
Meet Tom Bertschy! He has been helping local businesses grow for over 12 years!

Have you ever wondered how much...?
Date Posted: December, 2014
Have you ever wondered what some phrases would mean if people took them literally?


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