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Smart Decision: Construction Loans
Date Posted: February, 2016
"Thinking about building a new home? The State Bank is your hometown bank, and here to help you get a start on building your new home”

What's the Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Date Posted: November, 2015
Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be favorable to home owners because filing can actually stop a foreclosure from happening.

Teaching Children About Charitable Giving
Date Posted: November, 2015
Including children in the charitable giving process can provide a valuable opportunity to teach them about the importance of helping those in need as well as further their financial literacy.

Tax Season
Date Posted: November, 2015
Are your taxes in order? It may seem like you have all the time in the world to file your taxes, but April 15 can sneak up on you quickly if you don’t have a plan for tax preparation.

Spending Plans
Date Posted: November, 2015
Businesses use them. Governments depend on them. Successful savers sing their praises. So why are you using a budget yet?

Donating as a Business Owner
Date Posted: November, 2015
Charitable giving is often connected ?to personal motivations, but, as a business owner, it might just make good business sense too.

Evaluating Charities
Date Posted: November, 2015
A charity may have the best of intentions yet still inefficiently spend its donations. Learn how to research a charity’s efficacy and see where your charitable dollars are really going.

Charitable Giving Vehicles
Date Posted: November, 2015
Learn how to use charitable giving tools to grow a donation through investment, possibly allowing you to donate more than by gifting directly.

Charitable Giving Throughout the Year
Date Posted: November, 2015
Charitable giving is typically focused around the most generous time of year—the holidays. Here’s how to use your charitable giving strategy to make giving a year-round habit, not a once-per-year task.

Avoiding Charity Fraud
Date Posted: November, 2015
Don’t let your donations fall victim to scam artists. Here’s how to protect yourself from charity fraud by learning to recognize, prevent and report the signs of fraudulent activity

No-Shave November
Date Posted: November, 2015
The State Bank is promoting cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention.

Investing for Women (File: Investing for Women.pdf)
Date Posted: October, 2015
Leverage your natural investing ability to meat your financial goals.

5 Major Mistakes People Make Before Retirement
Date Posted: October, 2015
Don't make these 5 common mistakes that people make before retirement.

How to Talk Money with Your Family
Date Posted: October, 2015
Learn how to get comfortable with money talk...or pay the price of silence.

Retirement Planning for Small Business
Date Posted: September, 2015
Retirement planning provides a safety net for the future and can be beneficial to both employers and employees.

The Best Places to Retire
Date Posted: September, 2015
Finding the best place to retire can be tricky. Check out these facts about different states that should help make your choice a little easier.

Why Women Need to Save for Retirement
Date Posted: September, 2015
Women face unique barriers to saving for retirement. At the same time, they have greater saving needs. Here's how to fix the problem.

Six Affordable Habits of the Wealthy
Date Posted: September, 2015
How did the wealthy get to where they are today? While there’s no universal path to financial success, there are some common financial habits that many wealthy people share. Learn what they are—and how you can learn from them.

Do's and Don'ts of Talking Money with Family
Date Posted: September, 2015
Staying silent on money issues can cost you both emotionally and fiscally—keep your family on the path to open communication and financial success with these tips for family money talk.

A Financial Overview for Single Moms
Date Posted: September, 2015
Estate planning is all about asset protection, and if you’re a single mom, your child’s well-being is your most important asset to protect.

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