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Customer Experience Feedback


Our goal at The State Bank is to offer you, our customer, exceptional experiences each and every time that you interact with a member of our staff. The Customer Feedback program is a wonderful way to "catch" our employees doing things right and also an opportunity to learn how we might improve. Community banking offers us the opportunity to serve our customers on a very personal level. Your observations and comments help us to help you!

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Employee Name or Teller #:       (Where do I find the teller number?)
Description of Employee (if employee name or teller number is unknown):

Date of Visit (mm/dd/yyyy): / / Branch:
Transaction Method:  Lobby      Drive-up      Phone

Please rate your overall experience by selecting the appropriate rating. Use the chart below to determine if the experience was ‘Exceptional’, ‘Acceptable’, or ‘Unacceptable’.

  • Offers warm greeting
  • Provides knowledgeable service
  • Engaged in the transaction
  • Offers solutions
  • Presents alternatives for what they CAN do
  • Answers questions in detail and with a referral if necessary
  • Provides a personal and sincere experience
  • Dressed appropriately
  • Wearing name tag
  • Maintains eye contact
  • Voicemail greeting indicated when employee would return
  • Conveys sincere parting phrase
  • The office/desk was organized, personalized and inviting.

  • Greeted customer (possibly generic – not personal)
  • Provides knowledgeable service
  • Polite, Courteous
  • Efficient
  • Answers questions
  • Dressed appropriately
  • Wearing name tag
  • Eye contact given
  • The office/desk was somewhat messy or did not appear inviting.
    Ultimately in this interaction, the experience was “unmoving”. The transaction was completed accurately and then the visit is forgotten.

  • No Greeting
  • Not knowledgeable about transaction/question
  • Impolite or detached from the transaction
  • Does not offer assistance or answer questions
  • Not dressed appropriately
  • No name tag
  • No eye contact
  • Voicemail greeting not personalized
  • Treated the customer and the transaction as routine – as a number
  • The office/desk was cluttered or messy.
Please describe your experience here and provide reasoning for the rating that you chose:

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    Phone:      Email Address: 

May we contact you for more information or follow-up, if necessary?
  Yes. You may contact me for more information.
  No. Only contact me if I am a winner.

Please note: Your information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the employee being reviewed.

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