At The State Bank, we’re here to help you get to Your Better State – whether that means providing advice, banking solutions, or protecting  your money. That’s why we’re adding an additional layer of fraud protection to our personal Online Banking login procedure. 


As fraud continues to rise, it is important to increase the protection of your personal online accounts and the way you log in. Login Defense is a constant monitor every time you attempt to login to your personal online banking account. This system verifies your login device, and if anything out of the ordinary is detected, prompts the necessary verifications to help you log in, or keep an unidentified user out.


When you log in into your personal online banking account on or after August 11, you will be asked to confirm your contact phone number(s) for future verification. In addition, if you are logging in from a new device any time on or after August 11, your login will be verified via an automated text message or voice call, which will deliver you a one-time passcode to submit to the online banking session.


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